Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cool Find - Harry Potter Nail Polish Series

OMG - fan art at its best! Sofia of Draco & Hermione created this nail polish series (no, not real polishes, you can't buy them) in honor of  her favorite book/movie series. She even added a list of possible dupes (see below). Great job, girl! How long does it take, until a cosmetics company jumps on Sofias bandwagon?


Tolle Idee und klasse umgesetzt! Sofia von Draco & Hermione hat eine Nagellack-Kollektion (nein, die Lacke gibt es nicht wirklich) im Stil ihrer liebsten Buch/Film-Reihe kreiert. Und damit nicht genug, sie hat sogar zu einigen Dupes gefunden und ebenfalls genannt (siehe unten). Wirklich toll gemacht! Bleibt nur die Frage, wann eine Kosmetikfirma die Idee ebenfalls aufgreift (und hoffentlich Sofia beteiligt).


green collection:
* “professor sprout” ~ re-fresh mint by china glaze
* “salazar” ~ morbid by wet and wild craze

pink collection:
* “patil pink” ~ pandamonium pink by opi
* “chosen one” ~ it’s all about me by sephora opi
* “petunia dursley” ~ casting call by sephora opi
* “amortentia” ~ wardrobe change by sephora opi with love you life on top by nicole opi (if you want)
* “lockheart” ~ enchantress by nicole opi

red collection:
* “wronski feint” ~ cherry fashion by rimmel
* “oh my god-ric” ~ cajun shrimp by opi
* “hogwarts express” ~ high maintenance by sephora opi

purple collection:
* “mrs. figg” ~ domestic goddess by sephora opi
* “lavender brown” ~ pokerface by nars
* “romilda vain” ~ schiap (online only) by nars
* “astronomy tower” ~ black or dark purple with daddy’s girl by sinful colors on top
* “nymphandora” ~ dim sum plum by opi

grey to black collection:
* “dungeons” ~ break a leg-warmer by sephora opi
* “noble & most ancient house of black” ~ 212-sephora (limited ed.) by sephora opi
* “the dark arts” ~ never enough shoes by sephora opi or black out by sally hansen with pitch-black glimmer on top by nicole opi
* “fenrir greyback” ~ gris motaigne 707 by dior

the blue collection:
* “mad-eye moody” ~ skinny jeans with midnight mambo (online only & limited ed.) on top both by sephora opi
* “ollivanders” ~ midnight express (online only) by nars
* “prophecy” ~ me + blue by nicole opi

the warm collection:
* “basilisk venom” ~ caffeine fix by sephora opi